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How valuable is self reflection in a world full of self- indulgence that we give light and focus to the one that matters, to the one that is vital. We have learned and adapted to self gratification and pleasure but have we learned to accept differences, (the inevitable). How far long has our emotions, actions, and pursuits been stagnant only revolving around what you see  and not of what you do not see. We thrive from stimulation every day of our lives. How does that stimulation cause you to act, think, and respond. Have you ever been in a room full of good and bad. Able to depict and pick out what you tolerate or not. How do you come to this determination, what drives you to become one of consciousness awareness and not be singled or isolated against because your beliefs are different from the next person. We have sought to retain our rightfully right without a trace or an ounce of empathy. Your actions, teachings, or self exploration should not be at the expense of another, shall not cause harm to another, shall not discriminate towards another. Unity is what keeps a thriving nation, isolation is what keeps a stagnant society. How do we become accustomed to what we don’t know and unaccustomed to what we do know. Who is guiding you? is society afraid of difference, are they uncomfortable to which that do not know. where does the reflection your insecurities lie within that fine line of affecting you or affecting others. Self-reflection has the ability to convict, to open eyes, to change if only you accept the good and the bad. Questions that needs answers, questions that have been hidden, questions that have been put aside. Have you really self reflected and when was the last time?


Blessings & Love

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