Growing to Christ

It’s such a time when you are growing in Christ and you see people that you have known for a long time, family, and friends, that you have known fall in love with Jesus and become devoted followers of Christ especially in the midst of worldly events seen through news and media that show the chaos and horrors around the world. But this is proof that our God is alive & still working, he is still calling, he is still redeeming, he is still healing his people all around the world. So to those with that burning desire and craving for the Lord, keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking. For those who truly want to know God you will get to know God. I am proud of you for pushing and fighting against the grain because this is no easy task, no a task for the weak, not a task for the foolish, not a task for the stagnant, not a task for undisciplined, the arrogant, the disobedient, this is a journey, a life long learning, a life of possibilities and the unexpected, a life of losing but winning, a life of uncertainties but goodness & hope, a life for the humbled, a life for the lost, and a life for the surrenders. Keep pursuing what’s right, you life and the life of others matters. Continue to encourage one another in the love of Christ. May the Lord bless us & keep us all

When the world all around you thrives in silence you continue to spread, to speak, and to write the truth without ceasing. Someone out there is looking, someone is listening and someone is waiting for the message of God’s love.


Blessings & Love 💕

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