Restore your identity

It is so important to be associated with positive things an people of positive influence in your life. You may never know the impact of your life to others and vice versa.  Light thrives off of light and creates a greater magnification, so in simple words you become inspired by things that you focus on. When […]


They say time is so precious and I’m feeling the pressure to just finish the next task so mad but rushed and unmasked. I leave with no trace, everyday is a race. Our minds are so lost and comes at a cost of the time that is wasted so much hate so let’s face it. […]

Designed Beauty

  The blue, orange-pink, purple skies provide light for our day as we go about our today The cool covering of a large well flourished, vibrant free tree that provides instant gratification as we seek for relief The birds chirping pre morning to tell us it’s another day, time to wake and face your demands […]