COPD stands for chronic inflammatory lung disease that arises from obstructed airflow in the lungs. Symptoms include shortness of breath, tight chest, frequent respiratory infections, fatigue, edema in legs, cough, mucus, build up and wheezing. COPD is most often caused from smoking long term and it also increases your risk for heart disease.

Here are some ways to prevent exacerbations episodes

  • Stop smoking it may not be easy but it is crucial to minimize the symptoms of COPD and prevent respiratory failure. There are other options available to help if you are finding it difficult to stop. 
  • Use respiratory protective gear if working in areas with large amount of dust,fumes,vapors that can irritate and inflame the lungs.
  • Hand hygiene is important because people with COPD are prone to respiratory infections. Clean hands helps minimize the risk of getting or spreading a respiratory infection
  • Develop exercise routine build those and strengthen those muscles. Talk with a doctor about healthy activities. You do not want to overwork yourself into an acute episode.
  • Maintain healthy diet 
  • Take Influenza vaccine yearly
  • See the doctor regularly, ask questions, and notify them of any new or worsening symptoms. 
Visit American Lung Association for more resources