What you pursue

What you pursue today is what surrounds & consumes you, that is where your heart and mind reside & remain. Are we seeking the things that are significant, that matter, that builds, and that last forever. In the fight for life to maintain and attain our rightful rights let us continue to run over and…


Where Greatness Thrives

In the moments of your serving when your feel undeserving & often overlooked that is when you have pushed through the shrouds of the stigma, the inferiority, and redefined what it really means to be great. How do you serve?

Broken Grace

Hey I know I've been a victim also when there were times when you have invested so much time, energy, emotions, or finances in relationships, goals, or helping people then it all disappears. That feeling of despair, lost hope, and brokenness that puts an unknown weight, causes you to shift, makes you doubt, makes you…

Comfortably Uncomfortable

We all have a past, we all have a story that we may not be proud of. You lost friends, family may misunderstand you, and some may have laughed and mocked you for growing, for finding yourself, for finding a love that can’t be replaced. Cherish the ones who stuck with you, who encouraged, who…

Your story

Take that leap of faith, pray for courage and guidance in all that you do & then give it your all. Small steps= progress, so don’t be discouraged about the timing, the pace because this is your story.