God is Available

I want to let you know something: GOD is available. This morning I woke up and did my usual routine. Open the bible, read devotional and plans. Follow up with scripture. After I finished I decided to continue my reading from yesterday in the book of Daniel. I started with Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9. Daniel was praying for his people because of their rebellion against God commands and laws pleading to God for mercy and forgiveness. According to Daniel 9:21 he states while he was still in prayer Gabriel came to him quickly and told him that he came to give him insight and understanding. As he continues in 9:23 Gabriel says as soon as he began to pray a command was given and he was coming to tell Daniel. This last verse stood out to me so I underlined and made note of it in my bible.

After finishing the chapter I open a news app for Christian content and began scrolling through the the stories. One in particular caught my attention its headline reading “This Nigerian Christian girl heard God’s voice and escaped.” She was among 276 girls who were kidnapped in 2014 from school by an Islamic terrorist group. Halfway through reading the article she describes the moment she had an opportunity to make a decision that could save her but was risky. While in the vehicle she made a deal with God. She said she asked God in her prayer to “please allow me to see my family once more and I promise to follow you for the rest of my life.” Within 5 minutes she said God answered her prayer and she was able to escape because one of the vehicles broke down and stopped.

Before I continue I have to admit there are moments where I wonder if my prayers are heard, especially when what you are praying for persists in your life. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I doubt God. I understand that God answers prayers and his plan for us is always good. The weight of worry can creep in and misplace God’s timing leaving us feeling unheard and invalidated so that’s why it is so vital to be constant in prayer through everything at all times for we know God’s timing is perfect. Today I received a powerful reminder that God sees, hears, and knows.

After finishing the article I immediately recognized the parallel between this girl and Daniel’s prayer was quite similar. From this God revealed to me that there is no waitlist or longline, take a number until you are called, or I will get back to you ASAP because I’m unavailable when it comes to conversing with him. This has further affirmed me of what kind of God we serve and the love he has for us. He hears our prayers immediately even as we are still in prayer. He is always available at any given moment. So I want to encourage you with these points and scriptures as you continue your prayer life with God.

  • God hears our prayers as we pray, not in an hour, tomorrow, or next week
  • Don’t be discouraged in your prayers
  • No matter how you feel keep praying
  • When you slow down, listen and pay attention, God speaks
  • You can trust God is always at work and hears all your prayers even the simple ones

I pray that God’s blessings overflow to you. I pray that you seek the Lord daily in every part of your life. May God bless you and keep you and remember you are Loved!

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