Fall into a new season

I love the fall season I even named my youngest baby Autumn who just turned 6 months this month after my favorite time of the year. This season brings me joy. Why you may ask? Well for one its beautiful. It’s like the perfect transition from the busy summers to the still winters. There’s a sense of calmness but change. Things slow down, you can catch your breath and take in the beautiful change that surrounds you. You can see, hear, and feel the changes take place. I believe we thrive off of change because our lives are like the seasons inevitable to the changes. The beauty of Gods work, how he knows what we need and provides that to no avail, no questions asked is amazing. This may be a season that someone has been longing for, someone has been desperately anticipating, someone has been praying for because the prior season has just been to hard to bear whether that was through a loss, a destructive relationship, weather hardship, a financial crisis, depression, pandemic, anxiety, being overworked, or simply just the seasons and its stresses it may bring.

In every season there is something you can take for your benefit.

Don’t neglect the changes that are needed for your purpose. I realize and see that God in his richness, goodness, and mercy comes to those who need him in ways we don’t even imagine. I am always blown away at the subtle blessings he give that we take for granted.

May we stop, look, and listen for the mini blessings around everyday; I even dare you to seek. Although you may face many changes you can have peace that God never changes, a love we can depend on, mercy and grace we can live on.

Hebrews 13:8

The measure of his goodness provides an immeasurable assurance. We can rest knowing he longs to provide our needs and when we trust him in patience we will see this fulfilled many times in our lives. I encourage you to let this season be one that you can learn from even if things are far from perfect.

May we take this season in fresh and discover the many ways it can serve us, let us fall into a new season.

Blessings & Love 🧡💛🧡


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