Jesus is the answer

Confession: I’m guilty of this also. When everything around us seems to be in ruins it’s easy to find solutions through other means such as self help books, podcasts, experts on subject matters, seminars, and even advice from people who may not have our best interest in mind. We end up disappointed and in cycles. I am in no way condemning those options as they do have benefits. I am just saying that our main priority should be looking to Jesus first. Let us not make habits that place him as the last option, for he knows best and his intentions for us are always good. Let’s us pray Heavenly Father I ask that you give us wisdom and clarity as we make decisions about our lives. Let us seek you earnestly in every situation that causes us to fear because of uncertainty. Help us to honor you everyday as we seek your forgiveness and mercy knowing that we can rest on you and in you so that our weakness magnify your power. We praise you, we believe you and we love you. In Jesus name, we pray Amen

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