Insightful investing

Ava my 10 year old daughter surprised me one day and came to me to ask me can I buy her a Bible. When she asked me that question, my heart burst into mini pieces of joy almost hard to contain. Currently she is expecting her bible to arrive which is soon but in the meantime she searched through my books and found multiple bibles that I had and I allowed her to pick one she would like to use. To see her diligently highlighting, taking notes, and making references from scripture to everyday situations is a feeling I cannot describe but Joy. She is on a journey she will never forget.

I became amazed at her newfound desire to learn as much as she can about God’s truth. Coming home from work one morning I walk into her room to see the Bible open with highlighted sections and I was just amazed. Of all the things should could have been doing she decided to read the Bible before school, already developing healthy habits. Parents what you communicate, expose, and cultivate in your children is so powerful. It’s so important we do our part and let God lead the rest of the way. With everything going on in the world and sometimes feeling and seeing that we are moving away from anything having to do with or involving God, I admit I feared and still do to an extent that my children will have a difficult time accepting or understanding him but I was wrong. God speaks not only to pastors, prophets, or the anointed; he speaks to the little children too. This has revealed to me the power of his word.

Now I understand the many references in the Bible towards the body of believers being the church. When I read this scripture it made realize the influence I am in my child’s life and I felt God strongly speak to me in this area to be obedient to his word.

If there’s one thing I can ask from parents is do not hinder your child from knowing who Christ is and what he means to them. Even if your faith is wavering right now, you feel discouraged, or your prayer life is not where you want it to be, don’t allow your struggles to be the sacrifice of your child missing out on who God is. I believe God works in mysterious ways and to recognize that we have to slow down to listen and reflect. What I mean by this is that seeing your child have a desire to pursue God may just be the fuel you need to reignite your faith and relationship with Christ. So today invest, encourage, and pour into others when you don’t have the strength to do it for yourself. You may never know the blessings that await you. Believe that there’s a purpose behind every battle because God doesn’t take you through it to leave you empty handed. The greatest feeling is knowing that my child desires to know who he is.

I pray that as she continues to read, ask, and apply what she learns, that God will leave an impact so significant that her faith withstands through her journey. I hope and pray this will encourage, give a new perspective or refreshed insight to anyone who has a lot going on in their lives right now and find it hard to make sense of their current situation. May God bless you and keep you.

Blessings & Love 💕

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