Restore your identity

rectangular wooden frame mirror
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It is so important to be associated with positive things an people of positive influence in your life. You may never know the impact of your life to others and vice versa.  Light thrives off of light and creates a greater magnification, so in simple words you become inspired by things that you focus on. When you look in a mirror the reflection you see is what you are, so in essence what you are entails what you life will yield. 

Who am I

I was someone who attempted perfection, but have failed multiple times. I have spent numerous time seeking peace in life and sometimes I get distracted more often than I like. I learned you become at peace when you accept who you are, recognizing your weakness and acknowledging your strengths.  Pursue what adds value to your life. When you live in transparency, honesty, and integrity you release additional baggage, emotional strongholds, and you are able to utilize that special part of you to a greater purpose. I look to the future with hope because I know the kind of God I serve. There is no more need to try to fill areas of my life that I have no authority over. My works will never be enough, but God’s grace is enough & the blood of Jesus Christ is enough. Now I enter peace knowing that the tides may turn and the storms will roar but my God has power that is unmatched, relentless, and unfathomable. Thank you Lord for your promise to never leave us.

Blessings & Love 💕


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