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Dear Heavenly Father, there is so much evil in the world, people are sick and suffering, people are in pain, in fear, in depression, there are people across the world who are oppressed, rejected, and abused. People who have lost their way and forgotten to pray. We have people who don’t know where to begin, we have people who don’t realize that they sin. We have people that are continuing in sin and are content in what they do. We have people who have no home to go to, people who have lost jobs, and people who don’t know where their next meal is coming. Lord we know that your vision is above our vision, your thoughts are higher than our thoughts and what we can comprehend. Help us to trust you in the times where we are most vulnerable to pull away from you.

Let us run to you when we have lost hope and doubts seems to linger in our hearts, let us surrender our lives to you with full authority and power. Lord keep those who’s spirit is broken protected, keep them strengthened and keep them connected to you. You have perfected everything you made and we have taken these blessings for granted because of the distractions in and around us everyday. Forgive us Father and bring our attention back to you. We know the enemy is against everything you created, everything your hand is in. We also know that your are sovereign and all knowing and no weapon that is formed will prosper against us when we put our trust in you. Fuel our faith and tune our hearts to you. Thank you Lord, for protecting us, for saving us, and for loving us. In Jesus’s name, Amen! 

Remember this verse and keep it close to your heart which says, img_2369

Blessings & Love 💕


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