Pursue Creativity

I believe creativity comes when you find your identity. The world with advanced technology and media has a social influence on us that has pushed the agenda that you are not enough until we agree and confirm. When you have a lack of identity, from my experiences and others you tend to outsource and look for things and people to tell you who you are and to guide you and to help you make decisions. You become a product of the world instead of being that product to the world. You identity, your differences, your opinions, and perspectives is your power and what makes you stand apart from others and that is a gift to be cherished not one to despise or keep hidden. Just think about it no one has you DNA, no one has as story exactly like yours maybe similar but not quite the same. We have become ashamed of ourselves but the world needs you and your differences. We need diversity, we need varying opinions because this forces critical thinking and in turn it allows us to open our minds to receive what we do not know. I honestly believe people are fearful to learn who they are because when you do you blindly accept responsibility for yourself. Responsibility seems a lay word but that word can be scary for people who have never been held accountable for their actions. Creativity is your super power you open up many opportunities to inspire change and to be that change.

God has created us in his image to be bearers of his light and created with full purpose to do great things. Everything God created was good and he created us which means he didn’t create mediocre. His creation declare the power of his works. Remember you were made higher than the animals a little lower than the angels. God planned us perfectly and gave us rules on how to live and he gave us responsibility. Now you see we can’t live life irresponsibly and expect to receive blessings. Creativity is your power, it is your blessing, and it is your gift from God. If the enemy cannot destroy you he will attack your perspective, he will attack your mind, he will make you question, make you blame, make you feel unworthy. Be careful about how you respond and act with these emotions. The enemy has one job to do and that is to destroy any good God has created. So today immerse in truth about who you are and stop making excuses, stop doubting, stop running, stop idle seeking for you reward is is in you, it is your very being that was crafted and detailed perfectly by a flawless good God. How encouraging is this. Brothers and sisters find your identity, keep learning, keep growing. I challenge you to create even if you don’t know what, just begin. There have been proven neurological benefits to a creative mind and a creative mind cannot be contained.

Blessings & Love 💕


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