Designed Beauty

time lapse photography of mountain
Photo by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on


The blue, orange-pink, purple skies provide light for our day as we go about our today

The cool covering of a large well flourished, vibrant free tree that provides instant gratification as we seek for relief

The birds chirping pre morning to tell us it’s another day, time to wake and face your demands and duties

The night and day that guides our routines. The days of the week that organizes our lives.

The time- hours, min, sec that plunges us to make decisions and in the midst of this we are rushed or feel the need to be quicker

We hear the cars rushing swiftly by as the tires slash through the concrete and wake to the neighbors nearby engines with magnificent roar

We miss the opportunities to appreciate and value all that God has surrounded and blessed us with

This delicate yet sufficient design with such intricate beauty and yet we are still consumed with worry day in and out

We all have a job to do, a place to be, switched into busy mode, I can’t listen right now mode

We are surrounded and consumed by the robotic tasks that we serve another after another

One day all will cease, and all the commotion will ease, nothing or no one else to appease

Only then can we accept, appreciate, and admire God’s almighty creation with no distractions, time limits, coercion, or demands

That day will be the most anticipated to date

Blessings & Love


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