The lens from which you view life

Can also be skewed cause it’s the same lens that view violence, injustice, tragedy, and abuse

Fix my view so that I can review the truth from the right side, the bright side, the light side which I know is where all and the only truth reside

We take on the pain, we take the shame, & the doubt even when they said you struck out you know cause he knows where you stand in clear oppression to normal, to real, to honesty within

But met with the consistent resistance of the standard that has so lowered our standard that has limited, kept stagnant, disregarded, mistreated, minimized our gifts, our talents  and our love

Fiend your desires and your passions for self, consume satisfaction, Less action ,revere to the one but only accomplished and abiding by the seeking from some

Yet the time has only been here and now, for yesterday merely passes but again it returns, but new day = new life.

Blessings & Love

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