Uncertainly certain

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have you ever been stuck in a hard place when you feel like no one else understands and the world is toppling down on you right before your eyes? Of course you may have and I’m pretty sure you aren’t the only one. Life is a cycle and its full of opportunities and lessons. Each of us are guided by something whether you are aware of that force or not. We have to be careful to avoid feeding that force (whichever yours may be ) that waits for the opportunity to devour you and reap you of lifes beautiful treasures. You dont want to spend your life regretting and wandering what if or what could have been. If you feel a change is stirring to take place, take heed to it and listen to the voice that says, “I’m here.” God is listening and he knows your heart deepest desires and worries. Allow him to exam and take  part in your life and you will be opened to these new perspectives that you never knew existed. He will not leave or judge you. If you are thinking about taking that leap. Go for it! He will catch you and assure you everytime. Your job is to believe, commit and act.

Fear may come alive, but our God is always greater!

Abundantly blessed!


Blessings & Love 💕 

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