three white ceramic pots with green leaf plants near open notebook with click pen on top
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on


Hello everyone! So this is the first entry that I have added to this page but it looks as the 4th thing.  I am new to having and managing a web page. I am excited and passionate about creating a space where I am able to express my ideas, thoughts, and share special moments with you. I find that releasing these things from my mind, it gives me the capacity to allow declutter and refocus on my thoughts and the energy that I give. Writing and expressing my thoughts are very therapeutic for me because it makes me feel like a real person and not some caged animal ( chained by society standard) of what life is supposed to look like. Life is what you make it and I desire to create a wholesome life for me and others. More much to come, stay tuned. Look forward to conversing with you!


Blessings & Love 💕


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