Light your world

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Are we sometimes too consumed in the wrongs of the lives of others that we fail to see how we can make a differnce, how we can uplift, or be a light? Light is contagious and how are we ensuring that we can be a light to someone today. The smallest gestures are the most heartfelt and stored away for a lifetime. We all go through troubled times when we doubt or refuse to accept where we are in life. No one is perfect but we can strive to perfect our character, integrity, and love. You may not be the one needing an extra push today but sombesseone else might need that smile or reassurance that  says, you matter. That one action alone can mean a world of a difference in a world full of uncertainties. Dont spend you life being the one to avoid, be the one to love. Give light in the best way you can!

Dark may appear, but Light always return!

Abundantly Blessed!


Blessings & Love 

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