But have you awakened


The Lost World

It’s so hard to come to grips with the way society is going. Let me explain; you see people doing things that morally defiles the spirit & the soul for a little cash, you see tv shows and media influence that infiltrate our minds with such filth and evil and then we question why the world continues to be a place that we as a people once cultivated and created for our utilization but slowly and surely have come to distinctly despise. In a matter of seconds the exposure to negative things has the power to cause you to drift. It’s as if I am bitter at the people, the parents, the friends, the mentors, & myself for not standing up and saying hey enough is enough. I will not allow this world to use and abuse us but I will be useful in the world to spread the truth and love as was intended from the beginning but we have shifted, we have accepted, kept quiet, have conformed, tolerated, kept hidden, dismissed the things that are essential to our well beings, offspring, generation, and out nation but you say you are woke but have you actually awakened for the truth that simply goes unnoticed, unstarched, unseeded, non rooted. Consistency is lost and not found because it has not been foundational but merely self gaining. How can you disguise the truth with a lie but with the simple benefits to self you come to deny.

Some people say, “you only have one life to live” so hey let’s throw down instead of living their best life they are living their half life. Excuse me but I don’t mean to parade on your party but I’m sick and tired of the downplayed played party to just pretend that you blend and spend a dime a dozen to be accepted because we are afraid of the world’s rejection. The world didn’t create me so why has hate surrounded me, protection far from thy minds, the money stays on thy grind, they say it’s more time, I say brother too blind. Magnify the hate, diminish the love, no matter the face, God’s love is above. You can deny us or hate us no matter the choice, we all need a voice, anticipate the rejoice. Have you answered your call or have you squandered and called. You say you’ve been woke but have you actually awakened. My eyes and my ears have heard and seen so much with such disgust but in the spirit we must move forward and trust that our God is still just. The alpha and omega in light, brings the unknown delight. May I invite you to a world of no wrong while we singing his song. All the praises to GOD for his never ending love and his gracious mercy, forever we praise as we wait for your return to renew and redeem to bring about peace in our world.


Blessings & Love

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