Passing the Past

grayscale photo of road
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Life is full of uncertainties but one thing I know is that I refuse to go back to the life that did not suit me. That life, oh I remember so clearly, that broke me down and cask me into the deepest pits I’ve ever known. It denied me of self-love and kept me from spreading love to the people around me until I became closer to my maker, my creator, my father who taught me everything I needed to know to live my life peacefully. At first, he was almost to good to be true. I obtained a committed relationship with Christ and from then I knew I couldn’t return back. It felt so good that I yearned for more and more of his teaching and slowly but surely my life started transforming before my eyes. I wondered at times if I was being duped, silly of me to think that at that time but now I know my God has no intentions of fooling me only loving me. I pondered daily is life really this easy with God on my side? And yes it was! You don’t have to wait to come to God. He is ready and waiting for you to come as you are, it’s not like he doesn’t know everything that goes on in your life every second.Go ahead and meet him where you. He will be waiting for you with loving open arms. Take that leap, tap into your faith, God will never fail you! 
Abundantly blessed! 


Blessings & Love 💕

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